Who’s involved

All eight existing councils have pledged to make full use of the knowledge and expertise available across the county and further afield to create two new successful councils.

As well as our knowledgeable staff and councillors, local communities, partners in health, the voluntary sector, the business sector, education and other tiers of government will all help to shape the new services. A more joined-up approach will provide better services for residents and businesses. For more details, see the Prospectus for Change.


North Northamptonshire Shadow Authority

In line with Government legislation, a North Northants Shadow Authority will be set up in June 2020 and will be made up of all the existing members of Corby, East Northants, Kettering and Wellingborough councils along with all Northamptonshire County Councillors representing electoral divisions in these areas.

This will replace the North Northants Joint Committee, which has been steering forward preparations for the new unitary council since March 2019.

You can find information about North Northamptonshire Shadow Authority’s meetings and download agendas and reports using this link.


Shadow membership

There are 152 members of the North Northamptonshire Shadow Authority.

Some councillors are dual hatted which means they may sit on a district/ borough council and on the county council. It is one member one vote, twin hatted members do not get two votes.

Cllr Russell Roberts will be the Leader for the Shadow North Northamptonshire Council with Cllr Martin Griffiths as Deputy Leader.

The Shadow Authority is made up as follows:

Borough Council of Wellingborough councillors – 36

Corby Borough Council councillors – 29

East Northamptonshire Council councillors – 40

Kettering Borough Council councillors – 36

Northamptonshire County Council councillors – 26 of which 15 are dual hatted.


The Shadow Executive

In accordance with Government legislation, the North Northants Shadow Authority will have a Shadow Executive (executive committee). This will be made up of two representatives from each of the current councils, consisting of the Leader plus another Councillor. Membership will be confirmed at the first meeting of the shadow authority (date to be confirmed)


North Northants Joint Committee

A North  Northants Joint Committee has been set up that is made up of councillors from the four current councils. This committee paves the way for the shadow authority to deliver the new unitary council for the north  and will cease when the shadow authority is set up. Its first meeting was held in June 2019 see the agenda and minutes for all meetings held.


Portfolio lead members for North Northamptonshire Shadow Authority

As work continues on developing the designs for the two new councils, members have agreed portfolios of services and lead members to support delivery of the North Northamptonshire Council.

Each of those with portfolio responsibility already sit on the North Northamptonshire Shadow Executive, the main decision-making body for creating the new north council. 

The portfolios reflect the focus of the executive over the coming months, and into the new authority post Go Live day. It is essential that lead members have the knowledge and skills to do the job properly and so assigning these portfolios will allow them to fully immerse themselves in the priority service areas that will become the new north council.


Adults, Health and wellbeing and Communities – Cllr Martin Griffiths

“Improving the health and wellbeing of our communities is a top priority for the new councils so I’m looking forward to learning more about the huge range of services provided by Adults Social Care and Health as well as bringing my previous experience as a councillor to the work on wellbeing and communities.”

Children, Families and Education – Cllr Wendy Brackenbury

“I’m passionate about improving services for children and families in Northamptonshire and am looking forward to learning more about the many important boards that are focussed on providing the best possible support to our young residents and their families.”

Planning, Strategic Planning, Regulatory and enforcement services – Cllr Steven North

“There are some exciting development opportunities for the area, along with the challenges we know we face, and I will be focussing on ensuring that our focus remains firmly on what our residents want to see delivered in North Northamptonshire.”

Finances and Revenues and benefits – Cllr Ian Jelley

“Bringing together budgets and creating a robust financial strategy are key to a stable and secure new council so I will be building on my current knowledge to support the work taking place on building a resilient financial future for North Northamptonshire.”

 Corporate – Cllr Tom Beattie

“This portfolio includes a wide variety of services from staffing structures to IT systems which means I will be supporting a range of projects to ensure that North Northamptonshire Council opens its doors with the best people and services in place.”

Highways, Transport, Environment and Climate – Cllr Jason Smithers

“As NCC portfolio holder for Highways, this is a natural extension to that role. At a time of intense interest in our road and green networks and our commitment to addressing climate change, I’m looking forward to working more closely with the districts and boroughs to support our ambitions as a new north council.”

Growth, Infrastructure, Regeneration, Skills and Employment – Cllr David Jenney

“This is an exciting area of work with lots of potential for improving the look and feel of North Northamptonshire as well as creating more jobs and opportunities for local people. I will bring my experience as a long-standing councillor and of the commercial sector to this role.”

Property, Assets and Housing – Cllr Russell Roberts

“Bringing the north councils together means integrating many systems and policies, particularly in housing which will continue to be a vital service for our residents.”

Sports, Leisure, Culture and Tourism – Cllr Tom Partridge-Underwood

“We’re all passionate about making North Northamptonshire a healthier and more attractive and pleasant place for our residents, businesses and visitors. This role will enable me to support the ongoing work to showcase all that North Northamptonshire has to offer.”

Customer services, Digital and Transformation – Cllr Jean Addison

“We always work with our customers – residents, businesses and communities – at the heart of everything we do and this will continue as we implement ways to make accessing services as easy and efficient as possible.”